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Project Description
The MG3D project is an open source graphic 3D engine programmed in managed C# and Directx. This pretend to be a generic, and comprensive graphic engine with a focus in engineering, research or medical applications.

Graphics engines usually have been developed for games and it is usually very difficult if not impossible to link with other applications. Actually there are projects related to engineering, research or medical applications that do not have an appropriate library to show graphics in 3D and work with graphics cards. Mg3d pretends to be a multi-purpose and more flexible engine to fill this gap.

The lack of good documentation and tutorials is also habitual in this type of open source engines that increases the difficulty for those who are not an expert computer engineer. The philosophy of the Mg3d project is to provide always good documentation and tutorials "as the project goes" been an essential part of the project.

It is programmed in managed C# that allows a modular and easy to use arquitecture that not require a deep understanding of the 3D environment.

At this moment it works under DirectX, but the core of the engine is platform-independent, so in the future it may develop support with OpenGL and XNA.

The project has started in May 2007 under is released under Microsoft Community License (Ms-CL)

0.1.0 The first stone


There are already some projects that are using this engine. These are some of them.
Scenery Editor


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